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Social Security

Unfortunately, there are times when ourselves or our loved ones have suffered from a variety of injuries, and are unable to work. At that time, Social Security disability benefits and/or supplemental security income may become available to the injured.

While the initial application is often handled at the local Social Security office, the denial of an initial application results in a hearing before a Social Security Administrative Law Judge. The hearing before the Administrative Law Judge is often the only opportunity one has to fully present the situation that prevents them from being able to work.

Having an experienced attorney represent the individual, aid in the compilation of records, and the presentation of the evidence, can increase the likelihood that an individual will receive Social Security disability benefits and/or supplemental security income. If you would like to enlist the help of one of our experienced, aggressive, committed attorneys, please give us a call today at (912) 537-9996 to schedule your free consultation.

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