Frequently Asked Questions

We at Craig & Calhoun have noticed that many of the men and women we have come to represent have had the same kinds of questions and concerns.
We have created this page of commonly asked questions to better assist our clients and help them become better informed.

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Why should I take legal action and file an injury claim?

You should take legal action in order to protect your right to fair compensation. Filing an injury claim can help you obtain due compensation for accident-related costs, such as medical care, lost wages, physical therapy, as well as your pain and suffering. In addition, filing an injury claim will make the at-fault party accountable, which may discourage future negligence.

How much compensation can I expect to receive?

It is hard to say how much your claim will be worth because various factors come into play, such as the severity of your injuries and your need for medical care. Generally speaking, the more serious the injury, the higher the compensation award will be in order to cover the cost of extensive and long-term medical care.

Why can't I just settle my case directly with the insurance company?

We strongly discourage you from trying to settle your case with the insurance company without legal assistance. Insurance company adjusters will most likely try to pressure you into accepting a settlement offer that doesn't even begin to cover your injury-related costs. By having legal representation, you have a higher chance of obtaining the fair compensation you need.

How much do you charge to handle my case?

We realize that many of our clients are hesitant to seek our legal services because they fear they cannot afford to pay legal fees. This is why our firm has a contingency fee policy for the personal injury cases we handle. This means that you don't have to worry about paying legal fees unless we win your case!

Why should I choose to be represented by your firm?

You should consider working with our firm because we strive to deliver client-focused representation, plain and simple. We have years of solid legal experience behind us and have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. When it comes to pursuing maximum compensation for those we represent, we are relentless and dedicated until the very end. Our clients speak directly with us-not with paralegals or legal assistants. We also offer Spanish-speaking services!

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